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Fast Find Biz was built to provide businesses with an inexpensive opportunity to get
their business seen by millions and to allow consumers a way to find the goods and
services they are looking for

With simple search options, consumers can easily access over 500 categories to
quickly find any business - big or small. If necessary, we are able to add more
categories to fit your business needs.

EVERY business gets priority listing! On
www.fastfindbiz.com, businesses do not
compete for exposure. All businesses, in each category, are listed on the same
page for all consumers to see.

An easy listing form quickly gets a business listed and there is no registration or
personal information asked of consumers in order to conduct searches.

With just a few simple clicks, consumers can find any listed business in every county
Massachusetts and Michigan. All 50 states will be available soon!

Fast Find Biz lists a business by county rather than per city to get businesses seen
by more people for less. Businesses are able to advertise in multiple counties in
which they offer services.

For only $80.00 per year/per category/per county, you can list your business on
www.fastfindbiz.com so consumers can Fast Find your Biz.

We will never ask you for your personal or credit card information. We do not write or
accept any reviews and we will never call you.

We are dedicated to providing every business with the same opportunity to be
quickly seen by millions of potential consumers every day on
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Searching on
www.fastfindbiz.com is always free. Fast Find Biz TM will never ask for or share any
personal or credit card information and we will never call you.
Fast Find Biz TM is not responsible for
any misconduct by any business listed on
www.fastfindbiz.com. We are a business listing and
searching site ONLY. Businesses with inappropriate content or explicit content will not be listed. All
websites listed on
www.fastfindbiz.com will be scanned for viruses. Fast Find Biz TM does not
guarantee against any security breaches due to anyone else's web browser. All text and photos on
www.fastfindbiz.com cannot be copied without the written consent of the owner. Fast Find Biz TM and
all that is affiliated is a trademark company.
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